Accurate Weather

Accurate Weather Prediction


Nooly is focusing on building the world most accurate minute-by-minute short-range weather forecasting platform. Nooly is the first to predict the exact time it will start to rain, when the rain will end, or when the storms intensify. Nooly provide the world most accurate prediction for wide range meteorological parameters (hail, rain, snow, frost and more) as mobile and web application. Nooly is also available for 3rd party application developers who wish to integrate up to the minute weather into their app. More


On top of the exact time it will start to rain, the exact minute the rain will end or the rain or when intensifies, Nooly is also predicting hail, snow and fog with unprecedented precision. In addition to precipitation the Nooly system also predict temperature, effective temperature (wind-chill, heat-index), icy roads, black ice, frost, extreme storms, lightning, solar insulation, UV radiation, pollution and much more.. The Nooly predictions are for an area as small as 1 square km.


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The Nooly up to the minute weather was billed as a platform; the Nooly API is available for developers who wish to integrate accurate weather with their unique content in order to provide much broader and complimentary solution to the end user, solution that put the user and his daily needs as priority; Navigation application can incorporate the Nooly min-by-min weather into their map showing dangerous roads, Social Application can integrate the Nooly 1×1 km weather into every outdoors gathering or “Check in”. Nooly is also looking forward to work with 3rd party weather application providers (web or mobile) integrating the Nooly patented short-range weather forecasts with their existing solutions and products.

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The Nooly personalize short-range weather platform is powered by an advance patent protected nowcasting engine; in the short-range (up to 3 hours) nowcasts of weather are the superior method of prediction compared to numerical model, which power most of the existing weather solutions. The difference in technology and accuracy give Nooly and its partner a leader position, while offering location base services and applications integrated with short-range weather forecast.


* some of the above parameters are currently not available and will be available in a later stage.